Frequently asked questions

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Jiggle is a mobile wallet app for cryptocurrency which has been designed for both iOS and Android customers and can be downloaded either through the App Store or via Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll use our secure registration process to create an account, using your email address and a unique verification code.

In the same way you would keep cards, coins and cash in a physical wallet, you can store a number of different cryptocurrencies in your digital Jiggle wallet. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and tether (USDT). You’ll be able to buy or sell and send or receive all of these different cryptocurrencies in the Jiggle wallet as well as keep track of their performance in real-time.

Yes, it is! Jiggle has been designed to be user-friendly and is suitable for both crypto-enthusiasts and new users alike. If you’re new to crypto and don’t yet have any cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to buy crypto using our secure exchange platform Waltzer where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency using funds from your bank account.

Jiggle wallets are non-custodial, as soon as you fill your Jiggle wallet you have full control and responsibility for your cryptocurrencies as well as easy and instant access to all your assets through a user-friendly interface.

Jiggle has been created with security as a priority. As a non-custodial wallet, your digital assets are under your control at all times. In addition, using a combination of your current device access system and our biometric security solutions – which includes facial recognition technology which converts your face into a biometric code – your portfolio is protected.

You can easily buy or sell crypto with Jiggle, through our built-in exchange platform partner Waltzer. Through this secure exchange platform, you’ll be able to buy or sell cryptocurrency using the funds from your bank account and then store your new crypto in your Jiggle wallet.

On the actions tabs there are two main options to either send or receive crypto, which can then be added, or subtracted, from your Jiggle balance. You’ll also be able to view your different cryptocurrencies and their current performance, for example Bitcoin or Ethereum, in your portfolio.

Jiggle is a non-custodial wallet, which means that all users have sole control to manage and use their crypto assets with no third-party involvement. This offers more security than custodial wallets – where a third party may control your assets leaving you more exposed to breaches.

The Jiggle non-custodial wallet has been created to simplify transactions and to allow you to manage your crypto all in one place. Instead of having to log in to different wallets and exchanges, Jiggle offers a seamless solution where you only need one log in to one platform to be able to buy, sell and store all your crypto.

More and more popular retailers are accepting cryptocurrency. You can use your Jiggle wallet to make purchases with retailers which accept crypto. As soon as you’ve set up your Jiggle account, using your crypto will be as easy as using your online bank account.

Jiggle is a new and unique non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet which uses advanced biometric security technology to keep your crypto secure in one place where you can easily access, manage and spend your cryptocurrency.

  • - You’re in charge of your crypto with this non-custodial wallet.

  • - Keep your crypto safe using the most advanced security solutions.

  • - Easily manage your crypto using our state-of-the-art user interface.

The Jiggle wallet has been created using advanced facial biometric security solutions. This means that instead of the usual 12-word password needed to restore your wallet, your wallet can be restored at any time and only ever by you. There’s no need to remember lengthy passwords and complicated security prompts – you’ll always be able to restore your wallet wherever you are with just your face.

Our advanced security ensures:

  • - Assurance that nobody but you can access your wallet.

  • - Your crypto is safe, even if your device is lost, stolen or hacked.

  • - You can always log-in to Jiggle using your face, even if you forget your password.

This extra layer of security coupled with the easy-to-use interface of the app makes the Jiggle wallet a secure and reliable option for both crypto enthusiasts and those buying their first cryptocurrencies.

  • - Send and receive crypto quickly.

  • - Avoid delays with digital payments.

  • - Manage and track your crypto payments all in one place.

  • - Make Jiggle your go-to payment method.

  • - Have full control over your cryptocurrencies.

  • - Buy and sell cryptocurrency through our partner platform Waltzer.

  • - Available for instant download for Android and iOS via App Store and Google Play.

  • - Instantly start sending and receiving cryptocurrency.

  • - Take full control of your portfolio.